Cumulus Fires Non-Vaxer!

Walk-Out on the way?

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Sources Tell Me
Cumulus Fires Un-Vaxed
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Sources Tell Me:

Her name is Roxanne Steele. She is a Co-Host at WDRQ-FM radio is Detroit, “Broadway in the Morning” radio show.

Her Company: Cumulus Media.

Roxanne defied the mandatory Vax policy; Get the jab or get FIRED.

She was fired on Oct. 8th.

She’s meeting with several Detroit attorney’s. Litigation almost certain.

Cumulus has denied nearly all religious request for exemption of tax mandate.

Source writes:

“More firings already approved”

“Why even offer exemption if the answer is always No”.

“How can they deny your religion?”

“It’s known that some ‘heavy-hitter’ shows have joked about purchasing fake vax cards”

“ A text from a General Manager for Cumulus media said if they (employees) get smart like Southwest pilots, we will crumble because years of layoffs have left us with not much to begin with.”